Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions

Whoa.. Did I really just take a 2 week hiatus from basically EVERYTHING? Ok, so maybe not everything... When do teachers stop working? I have been working pretty much non-stop since July of last year (Yes, I mean 2011) and I have to say, this break came at the perfect time. I feel my brain is rested, my body is relaxed, and I am almost ready to get back into the classroom!

I cannot believe that there are really only 2 days left until 2013.  I don't even know where this past year went.  

Well, we all know that with each new year, comes new (old) resolutions, shall we call them re-resolutions?  

You know, those resolutions that you made last year that didn't really seem to work out? OK, if you don't have this problem pa-leez give me your secret!  

This year, I am lucky to be able to set a NEW resolution since I've never been a blogger before during the New Year! Yippee.  I decided to link up with 2 bloggers to get my resolutions out there, I figure the more people that see it, the more I'll want to stick with it..

Here are the ladies I'm linking up with
Jen over at The Teachers Cauldron...
And Amanda over at Teaching Maddeness


Run, Run, Run! Or maybe I should just generalize and say "work out."  No time, no Energy.. all factors here (What else is new, right?) My Dad and I were planning to run a half marathon together in March and then again in January 2014.  Unfortunately, the week of Thanksgiving he was directing traffic at a parade (he is a police officer) and was hit by a car causing a broken leg.  He had to have surgery to get a metal rod placed from his knee to his ankle and is out of work for 4 months..which means no half marathon for him.  Without the motivation of letting him down if I couldn't run it with him.. it's going to be pretty difficult!  The only person I would let down is me.  BUT I figure...then I'll have one 13.2 under my belt when we run the Disney half and I just might be able to keep up with him..  


Ok, before I make this resolution, I do have to give myself a little bit of credit.  First year teacher in a new state, on multiple school-based and county based committees, new blogger...I've taken on quite a bit- and have done an alright job.  If anything, I've put the most energy into my classroom and my kiddos which is exactly where my energy should go..which is also the reason I haven't had much energy for anything else.  

With that being said, my blogging resolution is to try my best to post 2 times a week.  Even if just posting something fun or effective we did.  See, I've been trying to create things that go along with my ideas/things we do in my room for freebies/tpt and wasn't posting without it, but I decided I just need to stop that.  Ideas and pictures are just as good and I can't stress over not having something to go along with it... I think am confident I should will be able to stick to this!

Hope you decide to go over and link up with one or both of these ladies!  Maybe, just maybe we could help you stick to your resolutions!

Oh yea and before I go... Justin and I are throwing a sale on TPT through January 1st to celebrate the year.  Head on over to our store and snag 20% off all of our items!  Cheers to a new year!


  1. Good luck with your resolution and adventures!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I totally understand about the reresolutions. :) as for that website I shared, if you want the contact info I can forward it to you. They are able to compensate for mentioning them- either PayPal, chocolate fruit, or $50 in textbooks.

    1. Wow, really? That would be wonderful! Thanks so much. Happy New Year!

    2. I just forwarded the email to you. Her contact is on it.


  3. Omg, so sorry to hear about your dad!! What a horrible thing to happen:( It is hard to run without the motivation factor. I have done several half marathons and it takes all that I have to finish them!! Good luck in your training!

    I hope you year is wonderful and enjoy blogging, it should be fun, not consuming:))

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Thanks Corinna! I love love love blogging, but hate that I over think things that should be so simple and fun! Story of my life :). You are one of my favorite bloggers!! Happy New Year!!

  4. So sorry to hear about your dad and I hope that he is recovering well! I have done some 5ks and a full marathon but never a 1/2. I wish you happy training! :)
    Fourth and Ten
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  5. Your poor Dad, I hope he is on the mend. I wish you all the best with your goals. Good luck with the run!

  6. We teachers tend to just do so darn much, don't we?!?
    So sorry to hear about your dad!!!
    Run, Ashley, Run. :)
    Smiles - Lisa
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  7. Oh my! So sorry about your dad! I think ideas and pictures make the BEST blog posts! I look forward to keeping up with your blog now...I'm your newest follower. :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  8. I LOVE seeing pictures of what goes on in classrooms! Don't stop!

    Pitner's Potpourri