Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blog Neglect & Building Positive Self Talk

I have been neglecting this little ole blog of mine for about the past week.  I guess that's not too bad.. buuuut not great.  It was a crazy week with field day, end of the school year, cleaning up, and pure exhaustion.  I swear, each week I just got more tired, more tired, more tired.. until finally.. LAST DAY!  I was relieved that it was time for a break but sad that my first group was going to have to leave me.  They were all sad and telling me about how they hate the last day of school and they wish they could stay with me forever.  Oh how I will miss them.  Luckily I will get to see about half of them when we all go to a Minor League Baseball game together later this week! :D

I have been reflecting on the year and will hopefully soon be back to share with you.  My hope is that maybe I could help a few new teachers and maybe even some not new teachers by sharing what I've learned.  

Anyway, I actually came by today to share with you a new resource that I FINALLY made.  This year I was part of an Incredible Years program and one of the topics was building students self confidence and positive self talk.  To help my students, I put some self talk statements all around my room & encouraged them to choose 5 in the am.. and continue repeating the phrases to themselves throughout the day.  I made a resource for all of you lovely teachers and it is now uploaded to TPT! Click on any of the pictures to head on over & check it out!



I'd love to give away 5 copies of this pack to the first 5 teachers who leave a comment with their email and tell me one thing you do to promote positive self talk in your students! :)

Hopefully I'll be back before another week escapes me!


  1. Congrats on finishing up your first year of teaching! What a great accomplishment, feels really good, doesn't it?? I just finished my second year, and I'm switching to self-contained second grade in a new district for the coming year, I'm really excited! I linked over to your blog from readers workshop posters on TPT. Awesome work! I'm your newest follower!
    I love these positive posters too! I do bucket filling in my classroom, and we do positive shout outs everyday when the kids catch each other doing something nice. I also have a "grave" where we put the words I don't like-- (I can't, I won't, I'm stupid, I don't get it... etc).
    Hope you enjoy a nice summer break before starting again! :)


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