Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Best Year of Our Lives!!

Hey Friends!

First of all, can you believe that tomorrow I start WEEK SIX of our school year?


I'm so exited to stop by and share something I collaborated on with a fellow teacher (Whom I've actually never met - LOVE the power of the internet and social media!)

I've always been one to sing songs/jingles with my kiddos.  I grew up loving music and I know how much it can have an impact on their learning.  A few years ago, I started giving writing my own songs a shot when I couldn't find anything that I was looking for.  Most of them help kids with content, while others are just to set the tone for the year & have fun - our theme song!  Some of my songs are good, others need a face lift - but one things for sure.. my kids LOVE them!

So when I read Hope Kings post on Set the Stage to Engage: Week 4, I thought - Well, what the heck is stopping me from sharing mine??  Right?? (BTW Hope's got a ton of great resources to help you with your own song writing on her post! &  I love her plot song)

So here you go.  I wrote this to the tune of "Best Day of our Lives" by American Authors.  It's a song that I really love to sing with my kids so I decided to write our theme song for the year!

Please excuse my not-so-wonderful, squeaky off-key mouse singing voice :) 

BestYearLyrics from Ashley Gravelle on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to steal and sing with your kids as you start the year!

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