Thursday, March 21, 2013

2 Truths and A Lie

Latoya over at Flying into First is hosting a weekly linky party that looks like SO much fun, so I decided to join in!  It's a great way to get to know some of your new bloggy buds!

This week is 2 Truths and A Lie.  Tell 3 things about yourself, but one has to be a lie.  Of course, be sure to be creative, otherwise people will be able to guess it right away!  Don't give it away, have your bloggy buds guess in your comments & tell at the end of the week.  Ok, well I'm a little late joining this linky, so I'll probably post again on Saturday and tell you my lie!

Here are my 3:

1.) I changed my major 3 times, from Veterinary Medicine, to Music, to Education.

2.) After getting hit with a ball in the knee during a field hockey game, my coach told me she knew it must've been bad because she had never seen me cry before.

3.) I'm a crazy crafter and am always looking for fun things to make for my house or classroom.

So can you take a stab at my lie?  Leave me a comment below with your guess!  From all the correct guesses, I'll choose 1 person to win a product of their choice from my TPT store.  Don't forget to go link up with Latoya!


  1. I am thinking #1 is the lie. Of course you are going to cry if you get hit in the knee. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess

  2. I'll guess #3 since you didn't mention crafting in your bio.

    ✿ Shari
    Keeping It Fresh in 6th Grade