Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Day Plans! (with a freebie)

I cannot... I repeat, cannot believe that tomorrow is the first day of the school year!  It snuck up on me real fast!  I am happy, nervous, freaking out, relaxed.. a ton of mixed emotions.  Most of all, I'm excited to start with a brand new group of kiddos!  Normally my plans don't look like this because I write them down in my handy dandy teacher planner (I haven't quite gotten into typing them yet, I like my plan book! Hoping to make the switch this year.).  Since I did type them up this time, I thought I'd share! :)  Click on one of the pictures to take you to the PDF where you can click the links to take you to some fab products!

I am anticipating not getting all of this done because my plan is to teach routines & expectations within each activity so that we can practice & start making I Charts by mid week.  Monday's are always crazy days because we have our grade level meetings and the 15 minutes in between Recess/Specials won't be quite enough time this early on in the year to get them packed up so we're going to get packed up super early.  Makes it seem like we barely have any time.  What else is new, right?

Freebie Alert!: I also wanted to share with you a strategy I use to keep students accountable for their behaviors during Specials.  I put this Specials Report on a clipboard and send it with my Teacher's Assisstant (This job rotates 1x per quarter).  

At the end of specials, the teacher gives the class a check minus, check, or check plus.  If most of the class deserves a check and just 2 kids deserve a check minus, those students names will be written on the board while the rest of the class gets a check.  If we get an entire week of check or check plus we have a little bit of extra recess on Mondays (10-15 minutes) (which is our loong day so it works out perfectly!)  I've made the form editable for you so you can input your own specials.  

Guess I should head off to finish a few things before getting some much needed rest before my early morning.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, Ashley! Your plans look awesome. I'm visiting my parents in Raleigh and couldn't believe that yall start tomorrow! Hope it's a great day!


  2. Best of luck on your first day! I hope you have a fantabulous class.
    My Second Sense

  3. Yay, Ash, love the visual plans! I worked on mine today too. I couldn't decide if making them visual was helping me to think through the week or just taking longer. Ahhh, but I think it is fun for everyone else to get the visuals instead of a lot of reading. I LOVE the rockstar theme and how you are integrating it! You know, you have done the first day of school TWICE now, so you are good for tomorrow! You'll be awesome!

  4. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that today is your first day! Here's to hoping it goes well! :) My parents and brother leave in Mebane - I just saw that you are in Hillsborough