Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Day in the Life (A Linky Party!)

So, I didn't take pictures today but wanted to link up with this fun linky! This is our 3rd week in school and I am just plain exhausted.  No to mention, I had one heckuva day to say the least.  Busy, non-stop.... ya know the typical teacher day.. Head on over to Second Grade Nest to take a look at the life of other teachers!

Are you ready for this? I'm not sure you are... Ok, here we go. A typical day in the life of Ms. G

It's 5a.m. Beep Beep Beep.  My alarm clock is calling to me...but my body says stay in bed.  Rise and SH-UT UP! Yep, that's me hitting that lovely snooze button.  And you know you never hit it just once. I'm usually up by 5:20, 5:30 to shower, get ready, feed and take out the dog, make my lunch, and make sure my bag is ready.

6:30- Vroom Vroom time for that 30 minute drive.  Luckily- No traffic!  Arrive to school by 7:00, check mailbox, unpack bag, take down chairs, turn on computer & pull up morning message on smartboard, bathroom because I know I'm not going to be able to go for another 4 hours...

7:35 Ding, Ding, Ding- The school bell rings telling my lovely 2nd graders that they are now allowed to enter the building (Though by this point I usually have a least 1 already in the room)  Time for me to check homework, kids do morning work,  tell kid to stop running, explain to kid where their homework goes for the 1 millionth time, tell kid to talk quieter, listen to a kids excuse about why they don't have their homework, take a breath, tell another kid to sit down and work..

8:00 "Boys and Girls, It's time for morning meeting.  Please find a spot on the carpet near somebody who you don't normally sit by... quietly........without talking.....sitting still....showing me you are ready.... Oh I give up" Greeting/Schedule/Team Building

8:20-9:30 Reader's Workshop
"Please work really really realllllly hard to read for a whole 45 minutes today (Even though you are only 6 & 7) so that Ms. G can get these darn assessments done!"

9:30 Snack & Read Aloud : Oh wait, while kids are using the restroom I can get ONE MORE ASSESSMENT IN! 

9:45 Specials.. Time to get ready for the rest of the day/answer emails/receipt money/check over work/and maybe 5 minutes to chat with teammates about questions

10:30 Word Study - Quick lesson, lets practice, Got it? Good!

10:50 Writer's Workshop... Today we were publishing (Ok SOME were publishing the rest of them were elsewhere in the writing process & asking me what they need to do even though we've been over it like 100 times- Oh how I love them though) I wish every child was an enthusiastic about writing at the child in this picture is!

11:40 Science Time! Time to learn about the Inquiry Process so we can actually do some fun things! Hooray.  Brain Pop Jr is so wonderful even if just for a 5 minute silent/no talking break.  *Ahhh chair, I've missed you, you are so comfy*

12:10 Bathroom/Lunch/Recess
Microwave doesn't work? Search for another one.. Watch my kids? I"ll heat up BOTH of our lunches... 10 minutes later and 5 minutes left of lunch I sit only to be approached by a sickly looking love who has a belly ache.. Back on my feet to walk to the nurse.. "Watch my kids?"  Walking/Eating/Talking.. "Pleease bring her out to recess if she isn't sick- we are late.." .. *whistling* and eating...  and walking.. Mrs. C is having problems too.. Student in bathroom... "My poop is coming out, it's just coming out reeeaaallllly slow!" "OK you didn't have to share...Take my kids out to recess?  We're later than you!" My class & Mrs C's class, please clean up your trash and line up for recess...

Heading out to recess... Eating, and talking, and walking.. Ugh now I feel sick

1:20 Math Workshop.. Let's see how long we can take a nap!! Just kidding :) Story Problems!

2:10 Write Down HW & Pack up

2:20 Car Rider with many lovely students who DO NOT listen for their name to be called.. then I'm all confused.. and sweaty in the hot sun. I just want these kids to listen for their name!!! And those poor little Kinders who are just learning this routine look like little lost puppies coming out, not knowing where to go...So cute!

2:45 Clean up/Planning/ Student Support Team/Faculty Meeting/ Technology Tuesdays/ Grade Level Meeting/Parent Conferences..hmmm What else?? 

4:00 Meep Meep, time to head home with a sweltering headache from that Pepsi that I so desperately needed that I should not have had. #CaffeineHeadache

4:30 Make Dinner/ Walk Dog/ Clean Kitchen

6:30 More planning (Yes Blogging and Pinteresting DO COUNT!) And of course some TV in between

9:00- What? Relax? Yea right it's time for....

Just to start all over and do it again tomorrow


  1. Oh, Ashley! You had me giggling. Hang in there, it will be Friday before you know it. Why is it so hard to get back into the school routine?!?!

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. I don't know.. I just don't know! :) Almost friday!

  2. Haha! How true is this!! You have to love that there is NO relaxing during the year as a teacher. Just plan, plan, plan!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Second Grade Nest

  3. Your post was entertaining! Your day is quite packed!
    I am not back yet, but had training all last week. It literally drained me. I was so exhausted. We go back next week, so my "normal" teacher day will be back in the swing of things.
    Antoinette :)

  4. This post cracks me up- mainly because it is SO true!!! You will make it, just keep going!!! Thanks for sharing your day!

    Koonce’s Korner