Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday Somewhere

What an exhausting week!  After 3 weeks of late nights and sleeping in, it's been hard to get back into the opposite routine.  Anyway, linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 things from my week! :)

First...this pup was not excited Monday morning when it was back to work.  How could you not want to stay and hang out with that face all day?

1. Lots of fun science experiments on matter! A melting race, learning about evaporation and condensation, and solids that dissolve when put into a liquid.

2. This week we spend our Math time learning new math games for the quarter.  They were lovin' this one.  Combination toss.  They roll 2 die, show the combination with unifix cubes and put it on their board in the correct spot. 

Here's a copy of the game board for you if you'd like to play with your kiddos! :) (We have 0-5 dice but I made a 2-12 for you) Just print, cut, tape and it's ready to go!

3.  Experimenting with some Stability balls.  I don't have enough for my whole class, I only have 12.  BUT it just so happens that I have 4 camping chairs, 4 crates, 12 balls, and 20 students. I have quite the energetic group of 2nd graders and sitting on the carpet is a struggle.  Here we are testing out our balls, chairs, and crates during a mini lesson :)  You can see some of them acting out external and internal traits!

4. Lots of rain this week = lots on indoor recess and time with Mr. Mark on Adventure to Fitness.  My kids LOVE Mr. Mark and his adventures.  And I love that it gets their energy out on these cooped up weeks.

5.  Field trip!  We headed to a local camp/retreat center to learn about Changes to Matter.  Our kiddies made Gak, Ice Cream, Candles, and our Spaghetti Lunch.  Lots of fun!

Now you understand why I'm exhausted? :) Time to recover from a busy week and plan for a new one.  Hope everyone who gets Columbus Day off enjoys their 3 day weekend.  I'm jealous!


  1. It looks like you had a busy, but fun, week!!!

    Enjoy the weekend!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. We have an inservice day. Ugh. You had a fun week! I'm glad I found you and I'm your newest follower!