Saturday, January 11, 2014

Five for.. Why am I always late

I can never seem to get this whole Five for Friday post actually posted on Friday.  #Teacherproblems

Well, I guess late is better than never! And we had so much excitement in the land of second grade this first week back that I have a ton of fun to share! So of course, linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.

This is our newest adventure.  Stability balls!  I have quite the active bunch this year and I found this fabulous grant opportunity.  I filled it out thinking I would just try and didn't expect to get it but I did!  Now I have a classroom of bouncing children!  The bouncing is proving to be a little tough to get used to but the students are treating these new chairs with a lot of care and responsibility.  They signed a stability ball contract on Monday and have really enjoyed their new chairs.

Raise your hand if you are wondering why in the world I am showing you a picture of my T.V.  WELL- this is a perfect indication of my week.  COLD!! My family was warmer in Reykajvik, Iceland than I was here in NC.  We even had a delay on Tuesday due to the below zero wind chills.  

Snowflake Poetry=Snoetry! This comes from my Snoetry pack and was so perfect for the first week back. It helped them get back into the swing of things easily and enjoy the week after break.  They loved writing poetry for the first time this year and really enjoyed making their snowflakes.

^ This student is clearly obsessed with killing a grizzly bear.  Too funny! ^ 

We wrote New Years Resolutions with Anna's New Year's Flip Flap Book.  My kids just love these!  I think they'll have a blast when we get to our animal unit and they have one for each animal group!

We also started our Economics Unit.  I am not a Social Studies fan but I LOVE this unit.  The class and I build a town where the students each have their own job.  They have to create their business, write about it, and at the end of the unit they balance a monthly budget!  This week we talked about wants and needs, goods and services, and producers and consumers.  We also had a fabulous discussion about how businesses get consumers to spend money at their establishment through appearance, expertise, and specials.  We even talked about how businesses "trick" you. You know what I'm talking about- those signs that say "FREE" in huge letters and at the bottom is says "But you have to give me your first born".  They were so intrigued that they couldn't wait to find some of these signs around town!  This is all part of my Independent Town Unit.  

After this 2 week mini unit we'll embark on a bazaar journey where students will actually run their own business, making commercials and all!  Can you see why I love this unit?

Hope you enjoyed taking a journey through last week with me.  Head on over to Doodle Bugs to read up on other bloggers weeks.


  1. We have stability balls in my room. They're great! We've been using them for several months and the kiddos have been doing great with them.

    What I Have Learned

  2. Love the flapbooks! I think your student will have a hard time finding a grizzly bear in NC! I'm a fellow NC teacher/blogger just stopping in to say HI! ;)
    Dirt Road Teacher