Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hey Everyone!

I had one heck of a day today! Did you?  At 9:45 (When we had JUST left our room headed for P.E.) our secretary called a hard lockdown.  {Whoa..What?} yea I never thought that would happen.  Anyway- I hurried them back into the room and there I was, crammed in the corner of my steaming hot classroom with 19 second graders for over an hour.  Now this is me...

After about 15 of those minutes, they could no longer sit still and how could I blame them?  My sweet babies did such a great job!  Unfortunately, we didn't get anything done today because I couldn't just make them go straight back to learning- they had earned a break.  And now we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow.  May as well just give me the rest of the week of, I'll come back Monday refreshed and ready to go! ;)

Well- I wanted to share some fun that went on this past week since I didn't get on for 5 for Friday (When do I ever-right?)

Since we got back to school after winter intersession, we've been all about economics.  We've been building a little town with everything we have learned. You can read a little bit about it on the one 5 for Friday post I've gotten up in like forev!  On Thursday, we put together our town map.  Here they all are hard at work. It was the cutest thing with them all spread out on the floor, working to complete the map.  I loved it!

Now that they've learned all about all of these important economics concepts, they are using all they know to plan to sell a good or service to other 2nd graders in our school.  We are going to make commercials and everything!  Super exciting.

To continue with the randomness.  Here is a little clip of my dog being scared of a plant.  Yes people, a plant!! (You can see he looks up at the plant to see that it is not attacking him after he grabs his ball)

And last in this post of randomness... Our school counselor (Who was way awesome and who we will never ever be able to replace) left us for a new school.  She also has a baby on the way.  Well- I arranged for any teachers who were interested to have their students write "Advice for a new mom" to put together into a book.  These two just cracked me up.. can you tell why?

Off to bed- Since this was my Monday, I am exhausted.  Sad I couldn't come home to relax in my bed with some Juan Pablo!

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