Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Teach, What's your Superpower?

Being an educator is such a powerful, life changing career.  We are in charge of 20+ little monsters 5 days a week, 6 or more hours a day.  We are charged with teaching them to be collaborators, problem solvers, critical thinkers... to empathize, to change the world, to DREAM.  Being in charge of changing lives is not an easy job.  Teachers are constantly thinking about what they can do for their students...  They work 24 hours a day...365 days a year.. no joke.

Yet, teachers are the least respected profession...ever..

I think my new twitter bud,  Brain Costello (@btcostello05) got it right in his recent post (which inspired this one!) when he said..

"For the longest time I would quietly acknowledge being a teacher. I would hide my views on important topics in education. I would hide my genuine passion for the version I figured was socially acceptable in this era of education bashing."

I was similar.  I didn't think my voice had any significant impact on anything in education and I thought I was "just a teacher". But my passion for education has recently recharged and I am here to tell you...

We are not just teachers... We are life changers....We are, sometimes the only consistency in a child's life, showing them love, showing them that they DO matter, that their dreams CAN come true- that despite their circumstances, their life can change for the better... We are facilitators, mentors, counselors, school moms & dads, an ear to listen, an adult to encourage their big minds.. 

We are creating the future of our world..and for that, we are 

And there is no reason any educator should ever be ashamed of that!

A big thank you to all of my followers (blog, facebook, & twitter), The Wallflowers, and my Fiancee who is a seriously amazing teacher.... all of whom  make me excited about education everyday!

Shout out to:
@btcostello05, @tritonkory, and @TheWeirdTeacher for being recent reinvigorators for me (& making me laugh so hard I probably almost peed my pants)!

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