Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some fun news!!

Scene: Friday night, November 28th. The dog is with the grandparents. The Christmas Tree and some candles are lit.  I *not so willingly* agreed to get Chinese for dinner (my favorite place is 45 minutes away and nobody comes close to topping them).  We decide to eat dinner on the floor on the coffee table because there is no dog to beg us *Hooray!*

Me: Being silly.... "Awww how romantic. A Candle lit dinner at home!"

Justin: *chuckle*

Little did I know, Justin had a plan for this night - and Chinese food was the first step.  Like usual after I finished my dinner, I grab my fortune cookie.  As I open it, I look at it and am thinking "How cheap, no Chinese word or lucky numbers? Fortune Cookie Fail"  I read it, hand it to Justin and say "Ha, I think this is a sign!" (We've been together for over 9 years- yes NINE!)

I bet you want to see that fortune cookie huh?

He reads it, then he tells me, "I think there is something on the tree. Go look."

I didn't believe him.  Still sitting on the floor I said, "I don't see anything on the tree!! Stop making things up!"  

Justin: "No, really.  I see something.  Right there! You don't see it?"

Me: "No, I don't!"

Justin: *gets up* "right here, look!"  Hands me this...

I looked at the ornament.  I looked at him.  Looked back at the ornament.  Looked back at him. "Is this for serious?"

Justin: "Yes! But I'm not getting down on one knee..."

Me: *still in disbelief* "This is like, really for real??  So I guess that means I'm supposed to answer the fortune cookie?...... Well, yes of course!"


Honestly, while a little nontraditional, this story completely describes us and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I cannot be more excited to marry this guy and start a little family of our own!

Hope you enjoyed our engagement story! :) 

The Zatt Family: Coming in Sept 2015


  1. Enjoyed reading this! Best wishes!

  2. Congratulations, Ashley. Just beautiful. 2015 holds wonderful things for you; may you enjoy every dreamy morsel.


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