Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Handling Bathroom Use

Last school year, my class had bathroom issues.  I'm not talking have to go all the time (I mean they did, but they're 7!) I mean - trying to sneak their way out when someone else is already out because they want to go with them, making lots of noise, and not making other smart choices that we had talked about a gazillion bajillion times. Sigh.

So I came up with a plan that I'm not going to take out this year unless I need it, but it worked for the group I had last year, so I thought I'd share!  I had 2 clothes pins.  One labeled "boys" one labeled "girls".  I attached them to my clothes each morning.  Anytime anyone had to use the restroom, they had to come ask me (Yes, I know- I really had kids asking me to go to the bathroom 257 times a day which I normally don't do, but this group needed it).  If I had the clothes pin, I attached it to their clothes and they went happily on their way.  If not, they needed to wait. When they returned, they unhooked the pin and I reattached for the next kid.  Voila- bathroom issues solved!

Oh side note: You have to attach the pin to the TOP of their clothes, I usually attached it to the sleeve of a short sleeve shirt or the collar.  If it's anywhere else, I don't even want to think about the bathroom nastiness that will come back on that thing.

How do you handle bathroom issues? 


  1. That is a genius idea!!! I love it!

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