Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tour my {unfinished} room

It's teacher work week! Wow oh wow, that intersession went FAST.  My room is not completely finished, I need to do a little more organizing, labeling, etc, but I thought I'd go ahead and share it because I'm in {L.O.V.E.}.  I moved classrooms this year.  My old room was ginormo, like really!  I was sad to move to a much smaller room but I'm quickly warming up to my new digs. 

Small group area. Justin traded tables with me so I'm basically in love with my new blue one!

In love with my word wall.  So glad Justin had these letters that he wasn't planning on using, they make the board awesome! The board to the right will have the Pirate ways on it :)

Student desks - so tough arranging them in this little room! It would have probably been easier if I put my small group table in the back of the room but then there would probably be too much traffic distraction.

Student desks. I've got about half of my stability balls I need to re-blow up. I put baskets from the dollar store inside their desk to keep the desk bomb from going off.

Meeting area: my Favorite Place <3

Meeting area / Essential Questions board/Desk-ish.  The table will leave enough room for a document camera and space for kids to work if they so choose, so it's not REALLY "my" desk - I haven't had one of those, ever! ha

Over the table is our phone guidelines.  When the phone rings, the kiddo closest will answer it.  Hooray for no more running to the phone. I put a sticky note pad and plenty of pencils so there's never a problem.  Under the message for students it lets students know what to do when someone calls that needs me.  If you want this, {click here.}  Make a copy of the doc and change it to suit your classroom.

This board will allow kids to leave the room without interrupting me but if I need to know where they are, I can look on the board.  It's right next to the door so that they remember to do it before they walk out. They have little anchor magnets with their name that they'll put in the box. I made sure to only put enough room for one person for the bathrooms!

For lunch count in the a.m. Lunch calendar will go where that magnetic notepad is.  Magnets with student numbers to be added.

This is where our HUGE computer cart needs to go (to the right of the green screen).  I'm super excited to use that green screen next year for fun shtuff. I'm also pretty stoked to have a class set of laptops - Oh the possibilities.

Our mailboxes - I need to add a few more. 

Our library.  I did a lot of work on it today.  You can see I got the chapter books done before I took this picture.  Most of the books are labeled and in baskets now, ready to be put into the hands of readers.

Supplies / math games will be stored here.  Also a place for students to work comfortably on the floor if they'd like.

Almost full classroom view :) Isn't it lovely??? <3 

Look forward to seeing pictures of everyone else's after your summer is over!

Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer! :)