Monday, November 30, 2015

3 Levels of Government: Song Share!

Hey Y'all!

Hope you're snagging up some good buys for Cyber Monday!

In our room,  my 3rd graders and I have been learning all about government! We started by playing a game with NO rules. There was cheating, skipping spaces, rule creating, agreements made.  This was all to determine the importance of rules and laws and introduce the kids to the idea of Government.  Then, we continued with Rights and Responsibilities.

Today, we dug into the 3 different levels of government and their jobs.  We just so happened to be practicing finding the Main Idea in reading today, so we started with this article.  We talked about the main idea and supporting details all while learning the content, score!  Later on in the day, during social studies, I rocked out to "The Levels of Government" written by the one and only- moi.  Here it is...

Full disclosure: I have been sick for 4 stinkin' weeks, for serious.  I totally thought I was better but when I went back to school today and started teaching my voice said "bye, bye" AGAIN. Ugh.  That means that this is way off key - being the musical  person I am, it totally bugs me but I couldn't put it off anymore- I need it to play for my students to sing throughout the next 2 weeks :). I'll try to get a recording of my students so that it's better!

Oh, and here are the lyrics too!  I hope you'll sing this with your students! We'd love to hear that you did!


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