Sunday, November 8, 2015

Creating Magic: Campfire Story Share!

There are so many easy ways to get kids excited in your classroom every day.  This one was so fun and simple!  Early on in the year I realized that my class is very into scary stories! So- the week of Halloween I gave them a task:

You have 5 days to draft and publish a creative story that you will share at our Campfire Story Share on Friday! We'll get flashlights, a campfire, and lanterns to share our stories! You must follow the writing process and you must be finished before share time on Friday.

I didn't want to limit to any type of story - although most of them ended up writing something "scary."  The deal was, anyone who wasn't finished would not be able to participate - this may sound harsh but it totally got their little hineys writing and not wasting time!

Every single kid got to share their story that Friday! It was a full moon in our room.  We gathered around the campfire, got our lanterns,, our flashlights... I turned on some "Sounds of the Woods" and we shared! The kids were so engaged and had so much fun! 

Just a side note: The campfire is one of those fake fire lights with the fan. I bought if off of Amazon.  It was definitely a solid purchase because I'll use it often! It actually triples as a cauldron and a torch.

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