Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dear Teachers, I see you...

Dear Teachers,

I see you... You may not realize it because not many people say anything, but I see you.

I see you spending  hours, days, weeks of your summer to plan, prep, and set up your classroom for your new students.

I see you, spending your own money on supplies, decorations, snacks...so that your students have what they need to be successful, and so that the place where you and your students will spend 30+ hours a week feels like home.

I see you, waking up early and staying up late so that you have enough time with your family, but also enough time to be ready for tomorrow's learning, teaching, facilitating.

I see you, tucking your own children in to bed at 8, kissing them goodnight, cleaning up from dinner, and then going to the couch to check papers, laminate, plan, research. Staying up until all the work is "done"... even though the reality is, your work will never be done.

I see you, reading blog after blog, trying to figure out how you can help your special needs student, your struggling students, your advanced students, your students with tough home lives, your students who are stressed,- who you have little support for.

I see you, taking on yet another leadership role- without complaining...and doing one heck of a good job in that role, too...

I see you, spending your own money on products and resources for your classroom week after week, to provide your students with the best possible education you can.

I see you, keeping your patience when ask your little friend for the 20th time in an hour to please get his or her work done.

I see you, making sure that not only your current students are happy and learning, but also your students from the past, the future, and ones that you've never had/never will are as well.

I see you, reaching out to a colleague in need, offering a listening ear, and giving them advice that makes perfect sense,  and then you wonder why you can't take your own advice.

I see you, overloaded with work- yet you still greet your students with a smile and work your hardest for them day in and day out.

I see you, exhausted and tired, burning out- yet you come back each and every day because those kids count on you and because you know your work with them matters, that you are changing their lives (even when sometimes it doesn't feel like it).

I see you and I thank you.

Your students may not always express their thanks.  Their families may not always express their thanks.  Your colleagues may not always express their thanks.  Your administration may not always express their thanks.  And you, certainly, may not always express thanks for yourself.  But teachers... Please know, that even when you may not be recognized, I see you and I know the hard work you are doing and I appreciate you.

You deserve more recognition than you will ever get.  You deserve more pay than you will ever get.  You deserve more praise than you will ever get.  You deserve so much more than this world will ever give to you.  Even when the world may not say it... you are IMPORTANT, NEEDED, and APPRECIATED.

Take the time to recognize a teacher for their hard work.  A kind word goes a long way.

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