Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Whoop, Whoop.  You never realize how lucky you are to have some things, until you have to go without them.  Seriously, I was going crazy without internet.  How am I supposed to plan? Thanks to time Warner who came out today, I am back to normal.  Hallelujah! AND there has been so much going on in my classroom for just the first week back.  Animal Research, Collaborative Worldwide projects, Painting (In school and in my new home).. Phew, I'm getting re-tired just thinking about it.  It will take me a little while to catch up but I plan to tell you about everything we've been up to!

For tonight, I'll leave you with some news that broke my heart.  One of my little girls last day was Friday (which I found out Friday morning).  She was one of my most challenging kids...but one of my most wonderful.  Her smile always lit up the room and she had a true heart of GOLD.  She loved everyone.  I can picture her now doing a little tap dance while the morning news was getting ready to start, laughing and smiling.  She belongs in some acting & dancing classes.  No matter how many times I may have had to ask her to sit down and finish her work, she always tried her hardest (even though it was so difficult for her).   She never gave up!   I am truly going to miss this little one and am not so much looking forward to not seeing her smiling face tomorrow.  I just hope that she is in the right place for her and that her new surroundings won't let her slip through the cracks because she has the potential to do amazing things, if the adults around her just help her believe.

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