Sunday, April 7, 2013

Technology in the Classroom {A Guest Post!}

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Justin & I are busy busy settling into our new home and getting ready to go back to school tomorrow.  After 3 weeks off, you'd think I was refreshed and ready to head back, but truthfully, I'm a bit exhausted.  Well, only 9 weeks left of the school year and I will chug along with my little loves!  Anywho.. today I'm bringing you Blair, an education student who contacted me interested in writing a post about some great {free} tech tools she's found.  So without further ado..

When you first get your teaching certificate you often think you’re going to be the best, more innovative teacher in school. Then there are “those days.” Some days it’s hard to keep up with your students in the technology department others it’s just hard to come up with a new way to present the same old material. Below is a list of a few sites that may help you with “those days.”

1.       Scoot & Doodle
Scoot & Doodle is a free, real-time Google Hangout application that gets up to 9 kids (or teachers) together to brainstorm or problem solve. Whether you want to have them learn about visual storytelling or brainstorm about a project with classmates from home – this app will help out. It will save all of their work for later use and has great features like stamping for the not-so-artistic student.

2.       ClassDojo
Wanting to figure out a new “point system” in your class for behavior or having trouble getting kids back into learning mode after recess? ClassDojo can help with that. You can log on through your web browser and set up your class for free. At the end of the day you can display all of the positive behaviors on a projector or just keep it to yourself for grades later. It’s a great way to keep your data there and saves a lot of money on stickers or other supplies for “good behavior” boards.

Another great attendance and behavior service is “Class Charts.” It’s free and shareable with students and parents come conference time.

3.       Google World Wonders Project
Everyone wants to take their kids on a tour of the White House or show them the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef when we’re teaching a lesson but as we know that’s not always possible. The Google World Wonders Project gives you the ability to tour places you’d never be able to get to whether it’s because of budget cuts or because the top of Mount Everest would be more than a day trip. It’s free and can take you and your students all over the world making your lessons a bit more fun for the kids.

4.       History Buff
History Buff also virtually takes you out of the classroom but this time it’s to one of 15 historically significant sites. It includes a narrated panoramic tour at each site so you can watch and learn about Davy Crockett’s childhood home right along with your class.

5.       Poetry Idea Engine
Tired of getting the same “roses are red” poems from your students? Well, Poetry Idea Engine can help with that. It helps students create four different types of poetry by giving them information about the formation of that particular type of poetry and them helping them through it. Poetry can be a hard lesson to teach and a subject that many kids will never get into. This site will make it a little less painful for all of you.

That was just a short list but definitely included the apps and sites that can be integrated easily into your classroom (for free!!!). Are there any other apps that you use on a regular basis or do you have used any of these in your classroom with great success? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting to me @blair_crawford! Have a great last quarter!

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