Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shout Outs! (Closing Day!)

Closing day!  Yahoo.  Since I'll be out of blogging commission for the next few days (With maybe a guest post!), I thought I'd give you a few blogs to check out.. So I'm linking up with Growing Firsties! :)  (A blog that I L.O.V.E.) I missed this linky in February and March and I want to to kick myself in the butt because there are so many lovely bloggers that I want to name, but I'm gonna try super hard to not forget from now on!
First, I want to shout out Laura over at Love to Teach.
I know Laura personally because we went to the same college and she was in my fiancee's block (Last semester of classes for teaching majors- I don't know if anyone else calls it that?)   She is SUPER sweet and puts her heart into everything.  Seriously, you will love her, trust me.. just head on over to her blog.  Did you? Do you love her?  See.. Told ya!
Next, I'm going to shout out my lovely , crazy no I'll still with lovely (For my sake) fiancee, Justin over at Classroom Game Plan.
He just started blogging and is trying to figure out how to do this whole bloggy thing.  He recently started a weekly post called "Tech it to the Max." Every Tuesday, he's going to feature a fab online tool for classroom use.  Last week he featured Scribble, this week.. it's Kidblog!.  Head on over to read about them!  And encourage him to do some more blogging...Maybe he'll listen to y'all! :)


  1. You are the best... love you Ash xoxo hope all is well with you and Justin!! I am jealous you are in such a warm state ;) I am doing a 400 follower giveaway soon.. let me know if you want to help (it'll get you more followers) or of course you can always just participate :)

  2. Hi Ashley!
    Your blog is adorable!
    Lisa is super sweet for putting together such a nice linky!
    Happy to be your newest follower!