Friday, September 27, 2013

A slight duct tape addiction

Hello.  My name is Ashley and I am a Duct tape addict.  Phew that felt good to say.  I blame is all on my mentor.  She reminded me of all the fun things you can do with decorative duct tape like:

-Use it as bulletin boarder
-Hang up pictures from kids around your room creating a "frame"
-Fix broken kids shoes (Yes- this actually happened)
-Fix books who have sadly been sent to the book hospital
-Fix book bins that are breaking because they are full of so many books (What a tragedy, right?)
-Fix kids binders that are falling apart
-Mark Notebooks (Get out your Science notebook- the one with the GREEN tape!)

AND my students most favorite thing of all....

Binding their writing! Check out that binding!

I'm guessing Greg over at Kindergarten Smorgasbord would LOVE that mustache tape!
Seriously, how fun does that look? My kids {el-oh-vee-ee} to see their writing materpieces hanging in the hallway and they are so proud of them.  Not to mention, it helps bring out even more of their huge personalities.

Even better than the fact that it makes their writing look even more fabulous? They can do it by themselves! Yes people, by themselves!! They look forward to putting on their binding and sharing it with a friend!

They sell tons of fun patterns at almost any store.  The possibilities are endless!
What are your {maybe-not-so-strange-as-I-think-mine-is} addictions?

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