Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This week has been all about wind, wind, wind!  Yesterday, we talked about what we know about wind and did a little investigation with bubbles.

Today was all about how meteorologists use tools to measure wind.  We looked at a Beaufort scale and then I showed them an Anemometer!  (As I was showing them this and having them repeat ANEMOMETER, I just kept thinking about this...)

Love me some Nemo!

Each student build their very own Anemometer & we took it outside to test! Here's a good site with directions on how to make one if you'd like to try this with your students.  We did a little different to make it easier on me.  I stapled the 2 straws together making an "X" (I did this ahead of time).  Then each student taped the 4 cups at the edge of the straws, I put a push pin through the straws and then pushed it into a pencil eraser.  Worked great!  

It wasn't a very windy day but we still got them to rotate a few times when we found the windy spots around the school!  It was so much fun and students got to take their anemometer home to show to their family.  Nothing better than some engaging, hands-on learning!  

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