Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I have to wake up at WHAT time??

Right now, I am SO not looking forward to tomorrow.  My fiancee is going to Washington D.C. with his 5th grade class until Friday.. And guess what that means?! I have to be up at 330 AM!! The disadvantages of only have one car.  To top it off, we live half an hour away, so I will be at school by 6:00 a.m. (at the latest!) unless I want to drive all the way back home and then all the way back, leaving me an hour and a half before my kids get there, and Oh yea, the Icing on the cake, it's PLC day so I have ZERO time away from kids until 1:35.  That's a LONG day.  I also told one of my kids that if he won his soccer game tonight, I would go see his Championship game tomorrow night.  Sometimes I wonder why I say Yes to these things..

So since I will be surrounded by kids from 7:30-1:30 (because I don't have duty free lunch and no specials until the afternoon), I have been racking my tired brain trying to think of some fun activities for my kiddos to do for our Government unit.  This week we are learning about U.S. Symbols and here's what I thought.  I'm really trying this year to implement more of a project approach to Science/S.S. And of course, my better idea always come last minute - That's how it always is, right? :)

I am going to put my kiddos in groups of either 2 or 3 (I haven't quite decided whether they will work better with just one partner, or 2).  I'm going to give each group an American Symbol, a laptop, and some books/resources printed from the internet on the symbol they are given.  Their task is going to be to make a poster for their Symbol and teach us what it is, what it stands for, and other important facts about it.  They'll have to draw a picture, label, etc.  Then they will be able to present.  I'm thinking this will probably take them about 2 days.

Symbol I'm thinking about:
-Statue of Liberty
-Liberty Bell
-Bald Eagle
-Mount Rushmore
-The Declaration of Independence
-The Star Spangled Banner

I guess I better get moving on this so it's all ready for tomorrow.  If I decide to do it and put something together, I'll be sure to post for y'all.  I love this place for somewhere to get my ideas about :).  Now, I just need somebody to tell me that it's super great and that it will work out EXACTLY how I want it to.. :) LOL

Hope you have a fabulous (not as long and tiring as mine will be) Thursday!

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