Monday, October 1, 2012

Phew... This blogging stuff can be tiring

WOW! Who knew that creating a blog would be so much work? I'm sure it will be much easier once I get it exactly how I want it and I've added what I want to.. but I've spent hours looking up tutorials, creating HTML.. adding/erasing and man am I TIRED! I'm sure it'll all be worth it though :)

.. BTW if you're looking for some (tutorials that is), I found some great easy ones to follow from The Cutest Blog on the Block.  She has links to some other blogs too!

Well, for the next 4 days + the weekend I am enjoying my last week of interession getting ready for 2nd quarter with my crazy 2nd graders, and getting things completed to add to my TPT Store  Right now, all I have up is a freebie + Justin's brilliant-ness.  So keep a look out for new resources for primary grades, aligned to common core.  

Until Next Time :)


  1. I just started a blog, too! I'm still trying to figure things out and the tutorials at The Cutest Blog on the Block have been super helpful! I haven't posted anything yet except for a test post I did from Windows Live Writer. I'm over at The Teacher Diaries blog

    I also opened up a TpT shop but haven't listed anything yet. Poo. I need to get on it. I spend lots of time researching how to do things and then 3 hours later all I have done is centered my banner! haha So I feel ya, but we'll get there! :)

  2. Keep up the great work!! :) Let me know if you need anything!! It is a lot of work, but it'll all be worth it and you'll love it.. welcome to the blogging community! :)