Sunday, October 21, 2012

Questioning, Elections, and Giants

I've just finished planning for my week ahead (Just in time for The Walking Dead!!).. I have to stop this planning last minute thing!

Well, anyway... This week is Reader's Workshop, we are going to be focusing on questioning.  I really needed to hit this before my kiddos start their book clubs/literature circles, but they're also starting them tomorrow, so we'll be learning it as we go :).  Tomorrow we're going to start with a read aloud.  I haven't quite figured out which book I'll read yet- It'll probably come to me while I'm sleeping.. Our reader's statement for tomorrow is going to be "Reader's ask questions before, during, and after they read".. I'm going to have students, in their Reader's Response Journals, write down 1 questions they have before we start reading our read aloud, 1 during, and 1 after.  I will also model as we go along (of course!!) And we'll talk about why it's important to ask questions while we read.

Tuesday & Wednesday we will focus on identifying questions as either Thick or Thin.  On Tuesday,we'll start by writing questions on a sticky note for our next Read aloud (We are writing Realistic fiction stories, so I'm thinking some Eve Bunting or Patricia Polacco would go well with these objectives).. and then we will sort them.  We'll go over what Thin questions are and focus on asking/answering thin questions.

On Wednesday, we'll focus on Thick questions.  We'll focus on what these questions ask and how they isn't a right or wrong answer because you have to infer based on what you already know.  Here are some little posters I put together for both types of questions.  (Just click on them and then save them to your computer if you'd like to use them) or Click here to head to google drive and download an updated version.


FINALLY- on Thursday and Friday we will focus on answering Thick questions.  They will first work with partners and then in groups.  I think it's super important that they learn to accept all opinions and to disagree *politely* if they have a different opinion.  And I want them to know that it's OK to not have the same ideas, because we all bring different Schema and thinking to the stories we read.  

I'll give them these bookmark to put in their books so they can always remember to ask questions while they read, and the different between Thick and Thin questions...

In S.S. this week, we will be working on symbols (Both NC & the US), but next week, we are going to begin digging more into elections.  I think it's super important for kids to know more than just what they hear at home.  I'm not going to get into the candidates/issues etc, I mean..they're second graders... but I was thinking about having them run a short campaign for a class mascot.  We'll start with forming our parties, and announcing the mascot's candidacy.  They will make posters & write speeches to give to the class as to why their mascot would be the best mascot.  It'll get them thinking about what's most important in our class and our school.    Hopefully I'll have a little something put together for that soon, and once I do, I'll be sure to post!

And of course, I just have to rejoice in my glory that the NY Giants won today!! Yahoo.. Thanks to Victor Cruz and his TD reception.  I really wish they played the game down here in NC, but of course Carolina had to play at the same time.. Boo!! At least I got to watch the Jets/Pats game and see whether my sister (Jet's fan) or my Dad (pats fan) would get bragging rights.  Of course, dad won.. 

Well, that's all for now.. off to finish watching The Walking Dead..


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