Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Place Value Boot Camp!

Attention soldiers.. we are about to begin place value boot camp.  This camp will teach you the foundation for almost everything you will learn in Math.  You will refer to me as Sergeant G.  There will be no laughing, no giggling, no goofing off, NO HAVING FUN, and most importantly a whole lotta learnin' so put your place value game face on and salute your sergeant.. Can I get a YES MA'AM?!

OK,OK I didn't really look (or sound) like that.  I tried to pull off the whole ARMY thing but I couldn't do it.. I just laughed.  The kids sure did get a kick out of it though!

So I'm sure you've figure out by now that to start off the year I have been taking my kids through place value boot camp!  (Actually I started off using our textbook before I gained my senses and decided that it was just too awful to use- Switching 5 weeks in? NBD)

I got the idea from a Teacher Tipster video.  Have you seen his videos?  Love them!  Here was my inspiration...

I pulled the whole "I don't like candy" except mine was "I HATE ICECREAM!"  ooh, you do? I'll remember that! To which they replied "HEY you tricked us!!" OH yes, you never know when Ms. G might getcha! muahahaha

We have been learning all about Hundreds, Tens, Ones and what they mean.  They are becoming experts.  Today one of my teammates came in at dismissal and told me about a game that her kids LOVED today (for comparing numbers).  I decided to make cute little recording sheet for it to share with you! (Note: I have NO idea where/who she got this idea from or if she made it up.  This idea is not mine, I just created the cute little sheet to go along with it!)

The game: Throw it in the Trash!

Rules: Roll a die 4 times.  Try to make the largest number you possibly can by placing the digits each time you roll.  You can throw only 1 number in the trash so choose wisely!  Once you've finished, compare it to the number of the day.  Is it Greater than, Less than, or equal to the number of the day? (Choose a number like 300 and have them compare each of their numbers to it!) We're going to make a fun little alligator to remember "Greater Than" and "Less Than"!

Click {here} to head on over to google docs get the game board! (Hint: Laminate for days and days of use without wasted paper!)

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