Monday, May 13, 2013

A Poet's Inspiration

Recently in 2nd grade, we started learning about Poetry.  One of my {favs}!!  The kiddos really get into it!  Today was our first writing workshop on poetry and I knew I was going to hear lots of "I don't know what to write about!" My kids are known for this famous line...

Well, I wanted to nip that in the bud right away and today was a perfect day to do it.  Today we went on an "Inspiration Walk." What is an inspiration walk, you ask?  Well, It's just something I thought of while planning the end of year craziness (16.5 days left!! Yahoo)

First, we talked about how poets are inspired to write by the things that surround them.  Poets write about what they see, smell, taste, touch, and hear.  Then, since we are at school A LOT, we decided that school must be a place to get some great inspiration!  So, we headed on our walk.

We went to the K/1 building where they spent the last 2 years of school.  They were inspired by things like their old classroom, bulletin boards, bathrooms, the quiet buzz of kids working, and the water fountain!

We headed to their old playground, where they were inspired by the freedom and wind on the swings, and bouciness on this little fun thing-a-ma-jig. They were also inspired by the joyfulness of the little ones that were out on the playground (Yes, they said "The Kindergartners are so JOYFUL!")

We headed to the track and outside of the buildings where they were inspired by flowers, bird houses, and a super loud FED ex truck!

And to the nature trail.  Here they were inspired by 5th grade outdoor art, animals, trees, plants, and the smell of honeysuckle.
They were also inspired by this bird nest they found hiding in the podium at our outdoor classroom.
Last, they were inspired by this beautiful rose bush where we took oh-so-fab pictures for mothers day!
I can't lie..I think our inspiration walk was my favorite part of our day (& theirs!)  I need to figure out a way to get them out, up, and moving on Monday's more often so we don't feel so confined to our classroom until lunch.  Monday's are the worst!
After our inspiration walk, we headed back to the classroom to write some Cinquain poems!  Here are 2 of my favorites...
Fed Ex Truck
Loud, Big
Driving, Riding, Steering
The mail is coming now
Fast, Aerodynamic
Speeding, Gripping, Sounding
Cars are really fast
What do you do to inspire your kids to write? :) 

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