Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poetry Alive

Oh.Em.Gee.  Have you ever heard of them? (Poetry Alive that is). 

If you haven't, I'm happy to tell you about them now! 
Poetry Alive!® empowers educators to prepare 21st Century learners with critical thinking activities, in-depth analysis, and communication skills. It partners with educators to prepare students to thrive in the interconnected and diverse world community. The high-energy performances and interactive workshops provide students with a more in-depth exploration of literary analysis, and writing and speaking skills. This helps our school integrate the new Common Core curriculum standards in an entertaining and inspiring way.
Second grade was SO excited to welcome Valerie and Josh to our school yesterday to perform for us, and then teach us the secrets to performing!
We started with all four classes in the gym for an OUTSTANDING performance.  The kids were engaged, laughing, and enjoyed EVERY minute of the show.  Valerie and Josh were fantastic too!  It was a wonderful introduction to our poetry unit.  One of the poems has zombies walking around eating Brains (Oh & doing the Thriller Dance!)  My kids were walking back to class with their hands out like Zombies saying "Braaaainss!"  All I heard all day was "And the Gob-a-lins a GETCHA if you don't WATCH OUT!"  Talk about it sticking with them!

Following the performance, Valerie and Josh came to our classrooms to teach us how to perform. 

They taught us the 4 rules of performance:
1.) Confidence Stance
2.) Face your audience
3.) Fill your space
4.) Project your Voice
Then we memorized, rehearsed, and performed The Termite by Ogden Nash.  Each classroom created their own moves based on the story they imagine the poem was telling. SO FUN!   The kids did fantastic!
Valerie and Josh even got to see our chicks (which the kids were so excited to tell them all about)
Poetry Alive travels all over.  It's a program I highly recommend for any grade.  I believe they do just performances too (Which would be nice for a whole school assembly).  For us, the program was sponsored by our PTA who we are SO grateful for!)  Our principal even said it was his FAVORITE program from the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR! We can't wait to welcome Poetry Alive back next year!


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