Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nat Geo: Adventure Island & Map Skills

Oh my my, y'all.. can I just start by saying! 14 and 1/2 days left (Not that I am counting).  Each day my to-do list gets longer.  I keep adding without crossing anything off.  Anyone else have this problem?  My kids are tired too!  Luckily, we saved some super fun learning for the end of the year.  Poetry & Geography! 


We started geography this week (only 1 week later than planned..whoops) and today we learned about how to read maps.  At the end of S.S. I gave the kids some time to go to National Geographics Adventure Island to practice their Map Key reading skills and they {L.O.V.E.D} it so I thought I'd share!

Students paired up with a buddy and logged onto one of our mini-laptops.  On Adventure Island, Kimo teaches them how to use a Map Key to locate and interpret Symbols.  Then, their mission is to lead a tour around the Island as fast as they ccan to earn the most tips.

One group ended up earning $91! WOW!
It was funny hearing "Good Job" like a gazillion times.  We are in desperate need of new headphones!
Adventure Island isn't the only map/geography activity on the site.  Head on over to National Geographics Maps page to check out the other activites!

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