Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An "All New" Giveaway

Have you been to Meg's blog, The Teacher Studio? If not, you are truly missing out.  She has ah-mazing ideas/resources that are easy for you to implement into your classroom.  I love her Math Enrichment resources for my high kids.  They love them!

Anyway...Meg's having an "All New" giveaway to celebrate her new blog and I'm super excited to be part of Day 2! Here's the deal, you enter over at her blog and you get $10 worth of products from everyone's stores! How awesome is that?  She's got giveaways going on for the rest of the week so don't miss out! You've got 2 days to enter for each giveaway!

Speaking of new, have you seen my Vocabulary mats in my TPT store?  I've recently revamped my Government and Economics Mats.  I also added a Weather and Matter Mat! Each comes with vocabulary cards, essential questions, study mat, and a sort or two to practice some essential unit skills! I use these resources in my classroom for a number of different things..

First: We use the vocabulary words and the knowledge mat to assess what we already know about the upcoming unit.  We also do this vocabulary sort at the end of the unit and compare our knowledge before/after!  The kids love to see all they've learned.

We use the study mats at different points throughout the unit so that they can practice those very important vocabulary words.  It's quick and fun if you have 5 minutes at the end of your S.S./ Science lesson.

Of course I use the vocabulary word cards to put up on our Science word wall...

We use the sorts to practice important concepts related to the topic...

And the essential questions as discussion guides (whole class & small group)...

I've found these resources to be an effective way to incorporate content vocabulary and discussion into my science & s.s. units!  I'll give one of each away tomorrow to celebrate my birthday so be sure to stop by and enter!



Ok, now what the heck are you waiting for?? Head on over to The Teacher Studio to enter the big giveaway!

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