Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winners & a feelings journal freebie

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday to enter my birthday giveaway!  The winners were...
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This year with my lovely, handful of a class.. I have been struggling with one student when it comes to feelings.  Anything not-so-nice that happens suddenly turns the day into "The Worst Day Ever!"  This child can never see the big picture, always blames everyone else, and struggles with negative feelings/views.  While I know and realize that this child's special needs have a lot to do with this, I absolutely had to do something about it.  I don't want this child having a negative view on school, life, the world.. and I desperately was seeking a way to get this child to see "the big picture." To analyze why they had a certain consequence, or why a classmate was acting a certain way, WHY they were having the feelings they were having and HOW we can change that.  So I created this feelings chart and journal for my friend to keep track of them!


Everything is over in this students area (They have their own desk) and it is easily accessible.  

My friend uses the calm down thermometer when they are angry.  It tells them when they are angry they have to think "Stop", take 3 deep breathes, and stay cool!  The arrow is on velcro so it can be moved up/down as their "temperature" changes.

We are only into week 1 of implementing but so far it has been great for my little friend to reflect at the end of the day and see how, even if there was one (or multiple) bad parts of the day, it didn't stay that way.  The key is to make sure you have your student check at multiple times throughout the day (Happy, Angry, Sad) so that it's not all negative feelings! I wish I took a picture of it filled in but I completely forgot!

The other thing that is great about our new feelings journal is that if forces this student to think about "why" I am feeling this way.  Currently this student is blaming other kids, but I make sure we talk about it and my hope is that eventually we can stop blaming others and start thinking about ourselves.  Fingers crossed!

Click on the picture below if you'd like to download of a copy of our chart and journal!

Happy Thursday!

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