Monday, November 18, 2013

Cooking up a Caring Classroom: The Worst Day of my Life Ever!

I'm teaming up with Laura Candler and a bunch of other bloggers for a wonderful blog hop for teachers to share strategies to help build positive caring classrooms with Julia Cooks ah-mazing books!  We are cooking up some caring classrooms!

If you've never picked up one of Julia Cooks books, you are missing out on some serious lessons for your kiddos.  These are perfect for teachers and parents alike!  Check out all of her books by clicking here.

Today, I have the privilege of telling you all about The Worst Day of my Life Ever!  No, not really truly the worst day of MY life ever, but this wonderful story about listening and follow directions.  In this story, RJ is having the absolute worst day!  He woke up with gum in his hair, missed the bus, wasn't allowed to attend morning recess, got a zero on his math test, and used 12 eggs instead of 1-2 in his recipe!  When his mom gets mad at him, he explains how he's had the worst day ever.  RJ's mom helps him understand that he could have had the best day ever if he had just listened and followed directions.  She goes on to help him learn how to REALLY listen (like looking at the person who is speaking, not talking, and acknowledging that you heard), and ways to follow directions.  (Like looking at the person, doing what you were asked immediately, and checking back in).  RJ uses everything is mom teaches him the next day to have the best day ever!  

One of my favorite things about this book is how Julia Cook makes it real for the kids.  RJ is easy for most kids to relate to and they can understand what he is going through.  One of my kids even shouted (yes shouted) after I read the title.. "HEY, that's like ME!"  And is absolutely was.  I loved that this child, in particular, would benefit from this humorous story.  This story made for a great lesson during our morning meeting.  My kids definitely needed the reminder.  Sometimes it's easy to forget the small things that are the most important to help make your classroom and caring, respectful classroom.  I think the next one we need to read is My Mouth is a Volcano! I've got lots of those.

If you have any social/emotional problems in your classroom- or just want to proactive and prevent them from happening (Of course we do!)- Julia Cooks books would be a great option to add to your classroom! Great lessons and Great stories that any child will adore!

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