Monday, November 25, 2013

Field Trip to the White House!

All aboard Air Force One for our flight to Washington D.C.!

I recently found this wonderful resource on TPT for our Government Unit! I was trying to think of ways to make this a really fun, meaningful unit for my kiddos because it's not the funnest topic on the planet (at least to me).  I was thinking.. "well, we could create our own town, rules, leaders, etc... take a virtual tour of the white house, hold an election.. it will be great!"  So naturally I went a searchin'.  I'd much rather use an amazing resource someone else made than take time to make my own!  Barnard Island had a great "Branches of Government" unit that included a fun little virtual tour to the White House! Hip Hip Hooray! So today, we headed off to Washington, D.C. to tour the White House on Air Force One!

We took off at 8:00 this morning. Our room was all set up like a plane!  Students had brochures that I made on their seat with Fun Facts about Air Force One! They read it as they filtered in during arrival this morning.

(You can google plane take-off and landing to find some videos your students can watch for both of these!)

Here's our Co-captain, helping fly the plane!  I was the captain, of course.

Our flight took a little over an hour.  During our flight we watched Kid President (Thanks to the helpful suggestion from Matt over @ Digital: Divide and Conquer!! I know I can count on my bloggy buds for some fantabulous ideas when I'm running short!)...

and reflected on what we would do do make the world AWESOME!

 We even got to do some reading...

When we landed in D.C. we were taken straight to the White House for our tour.  Of course, we had to have our official "All Access Tour Pass"

Too bad we didn't actually get to meet the President!  He must've been out on some very important business (or maybe pardoning this years turkey?!)

While at the White House, we learned all about the different gardens and rooms and what they are used for.  It was so fun getting to see where Mr. President and the first family live. (I projected pictures of each room on the smart board for them to see!  Also courtesy of the great resource mentioned above!)

We were sad to leave, but we made it back to school just in time for Lunch! 

Here are some pictures of my lovelies with their Plane Tickets and White House All Access passes.

What a fun day at The White House!  I even heard a tiny little, "This is the BEST field trip EVER!"  Seriously warms my heart!

What do you do to make learning fun & exciting for your kids?

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