Sunday, December 1, 2013

Deck the Halls with TPT Linky Party!

A huuuuuuge shout out to Christina over at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge for hosting this super fun linky party!  By now I'm sure you have heard about the big Cyber Monday AND Tuesday sale over at TPT! Are you excited? I cannot wait to fill up my cart with some amazing resources (& clip art)!  In celebration of this amazing sale and the holiday season, we bring you...

With some new songs you may have never heard before! Bring on the Holiday playlist...

I have 3 songs I want to play for you today.  First up "I Saw Mommy with Science and Social Studies Resources".  Tricky, sneaky mom!  I caught her playing with these study mats...Shes loves to practice her Science and Social Studies vocabulary! You can read about these {here}.



These resources on a regular day range from $2.00-$3.00 but with the code CYBER, you can get them for just $1.44 - $2.16.  ALSO- If you'd like a mat for an upcoming unit and I don't have it in my store, you can e-mail me @ :)

Next up...

Walking in a Math Wonderland!  One of my students favorite things last year was learning about fractions.  We got to wear mustaches, cut cookies, and show our knowledge using this fun Fraction Flipbook!

Just $1.08 on Cyber Monday & Tuesday!

And last but not least..

The 12 days of Common Core!

This Mega Vocabulary pack (Over 300 pages!) will help build your students vocabulary with multiple resources! You could use it whole class by introducing 5 words a week, or use it in a small group with your above-average kiddos.  Many of your above average kids could even do it independently if they know how to use a dictionary!

In this resource you'll find..

A poster for each vocabulary word to hang in your classroom

A frayer model chart for each word. 

A match up for each set of 5 words...

And a "Complete the Sentence with the word that fits" set for each 5 words.

Normally $10.00- Just $7.20!!

What are you planning on picking up during the Cyber Monday (& Tuesday) Sale?  Head to my store to see the other resources I have for you!

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