Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Unwrapping my favorite old holiday photo!

Have you been keeping up with this party? So fun! Linking up with Daina and Tamara again for their "Unwrapping your holiday favorites" linky! :)

Today we are unwrapping our favorite old holiday photo.  You ready for this one? It's a cutie...

That's me and all my siblings (The CHATpak) in our Icelandic sweaters!  They are sooo warm and great for winter! I'm not exactly sure what year it was but it was around '98.  I'm pretty sure I could ask my mom and she would know! ha.  Anyway- We're going to try to recreate it this year :) That ought to be fun!

We were dubbed "CHATpak" because of our names- Chelsea (right), Hollie (in front), Ashley (me! Back middle), Timothy (left). We were cute- I just wonder what happened? ;)

Can't wait to check out other old holiday photos!

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  1. Ya'll are still cute! :) What are you TALKING about! ;) I can't wait to see you guys recreate this photo! :) You'll have to post and share! :) I've really gotten a kick out of reading all these posts! ;) Thanks for linking up! :)