Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Traditions (Freebie!)

Warning: Lacking in classroom pictures because I suck.. that is all...

The only thing standing between me and 3 fabulous, relaxing weeks off (1 of them on the beaches of Daytona- Countdown...16 days whoop whoop!) are 3 days.  Seriously people, 3 days! It is soo close I can taste it.  Tomorrow, an observation Thursday, and Fun day Friday full of games, PJs, movies, and hot chocolate.  Holla!

So what are we up to, you ask?  The past 2 weeks we've been studying about different holiday traditions around the world courtesy of 3 fabulous resources made by some of my favorite people!

Simply Skilled in 2nd's Holidays flip flap book & brochures.  I <3 Anna- she is basically awesome- and her resources are ah-mazing.  Especially her flip flap books.  My kids adore them!!

"What the Teacher Wants" Holidays pack (Part 1 AND 2).  This is jam packed with resources and fun crafts for the kiddos to do!  Rachel is fabulous too! By the way, have you seen her Random Acts of Christmas Kindness pack?  I didn't get it in time this year to take advantage but it is definitely on my list for next year!


Education to the Core's holidays pack.  This one has adorable little mini book that the kids can put together and bring home to share with their family!

My kids have learned about Novena, Las Posadas, St. Lucia's Day, Hannukah, Christmas in Germany Christmas in Australia, and Kwanzaa.  We've made Menorahs, Poinsettias, Candle Crowns, Gingerbread Men, Kinaras and on Friday we will put together our Flip Flap book! (We didn't get through all of the countries I wanted to due to only have 2 weeks between Thanksgiving break & intersession but I'm not letting that stop our Flip Flap Fun!). 

Tomorrow we have a special guest reader who is going to read a Christmas story before they write about their own holiday traditions.

So.much.fun ( & educational too!)

Here's a little freebie that's been in my file for a while (Dr. Seuss anyone?) if you'd like to have your kids write about their own traditions. 

 Font by Jen Jones @ Hello Literacy
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