Friday, November 8, 2013

It's Currently November.. WHAT?

Birthday Month! Whoop Whoop!  I love November for so many reasons.  Surprisingly, the fact that it's my birthday month is not #1.  I love the cool fall weather that is finally here, the feeling of the holiday season quickly creeping up on us, the leaves changing color, being able to bundle up in jeans and a sweater, being able to be outside without roasting like a marshmallow.. I just love it all!  If we could have fall all year long that would be fabulous!

Well, here's my currently... :) As always, thanks to Farley for hosting such a fabulous party.

I {love} Luke Bryan! I mean who doesn't? He's good lookin and he can sing! I love a guy in tight jeans and a baseball cap <3...(fyi justin....;)) Cannot wait to go to see him February 13 in Greensboro! Justin's got his cowboy hat ready... 

Can I get a HECK YA for a 3 day weekend? Oh Hallelujah! Just 1 extra day will hopefully be the rest I need to get over this sore throat.  I should probably go to the doctor.

I have been basically off the radar in the blogosphere except for some link ups.  I have so much to share but don't have the time.  My class this year is quite exhausting and take all my energy during the day, hence no energy to blog.  Hopefully I'll get my butt in gear tonight & get some posts scheduled for the next week or two. I probably have enough for 4 weeks!

I really REALLY need new shoes.  I never buy new shoes or basically anything for myself.  I really need more than just shoes.  Told myself I am going to head out to do some shopping this weekend.  Can't wear dresses, skirts, and flip flops anymore.

Yummy Pin:

Momma Hen's Kitchen: Muddy Buddies/Puppy Chow/Monkey Munch

Muddy Buddies/Monkey Munch/Reindeer Food.  I don't care watcha call it but this stuff is DA BOMB! Delicious and perfect for a little snack.  WARNING: extremely addicting. ;)

And I will leave you with this little funny from my day.

One of my kids came in with 3 quarters today and was playing with them all day.  I didn't want to take them away because he was having a great day and I DID NOT want to ruin this kids good day, trust me, 3 quarters are not worth it!  Well here was a little conversation today.

Me: Buddy, I need you to put those away and stop playing with them.  If you can't keep them in your pocket I will take them and hold onto them until the end of the day.

Student: OK, OK. I play with them all the time at home, they're my favorite. What are these anyway? Nickels?  

Me: No, they are quarters. They are 25 cents each.

Student: Oh, well what should I spend on them?

Me: Well maybe you should save it.

Custodian: How much you got there?

Student: 3!

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