Saturday, February 23, 2013

And the winners are... & My True Color

Thank you Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway.  There were lots of entries and I'm happy to say that some of my very favorite bloggers won a few of them!!  The winners are...

Giveaway #1: Rachael Schauer
Giveaway #2: Jessica Lawler
Giveaway #3: Chirstina M.
Giveaway #4: Dinah Ely
Giveaway #5:Kirra Lehmann
Giveaway #6: Dinah Ely 

Congrats to everyone who won!! Check your e-mail tomorrow for an e-mail from me!  You should start receiving your goodies soon!  

I found this pretty interesting linky being hosted by Tori over at Toris Teacher Tips and decided to link up!

Basically, you take a short quiz, do some quick math and figure out what color best represents you.  Who knew that it would be SPOT ON?  I mean really... It basically told my personality to the tee, not kidding.  Head on over to Tori's blog to take the quiz & figure out your color.  

    I was tied between 2 colors..


And I have to say, that I would totally agree.  Here is what the quiz says about Blues & Golds!

Peaceful…Flexible…Imaginative                 Loyal…Dependable…Prepared

Idealistic…Spiritual…Sincere                     Caring…Concerned…Concrete

At Work:                                                      At Work:

I often work in the arts,                                 I provide stability and can
communications, education, and                   maintain organization.
the helping professions.

In Love...                                                       In Love...

I enjoy the symbols of romance                     I demonstrate love and affection
such as flowers, candlelight, and                  through the practical things I do
music, and I cherish the small                       for my loved ones
gestures of love.

In Childhood...                                              In Childhood...

I responded to encouragement                       I was the easiest of all types of
rather than competition.                                 children to adapt to the
                                                                      educational system.

At the things people think about me were scary spot on.. I can't wait to bring this to my PLC Monday & ask my teammates to take it!  Head on over to Tori's blog to take the quiz for yourself & link up!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up Ashley!! How interesting that you tied! My co-worker is blue and gold too! I think those are the best colors to be! :)

  2. Nice Information Sharing! How To Be a Primary Teacher and what is it like to be a primary school teacher in the 21st century? What you think?

  3. Wahoooo! This is the first thing I've ever won on one of those RaffleCoptors :) Thanks, Ashley!

    Joy in the Journey

  4. Yay!!! I'm so excited to have one the first giveaway!! Thank you!

    Mindful Rambles