Sunday, February 10, 2013

RAK Week

Random Acts of Kindness week snuck up on me real quick!  Since this week is all about celebrating kindness, I wanted to share this freebie I made to begin the week in my room.

First- when my kiddos walk in tomorrow, they are going to have a little note on their desk that says, "You are a STAR BURSTing with brightness!" with a starburst attached :).  Next, we will start the day by talking about what a Random Act of kindness is, watching this "Pay It Forward" clip...

...and brainstorming different things we can do for people.  Then, we will all take this random acts of kindness pledge.. (Click on the picture to save,download, and print)

Fonts by Kevin & Amanda
Frame by The 3AM Teacher

Throughout the week, we will keep track of our RAKs by making a class paper chain.  We will perform RAKs as a class and as individuals.  We will end our week by making an ABC's of kindness book.  What do you do in your class to promote RAKs?  I would LOVE to hear your ideas!!

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