Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday Funnies (On Saturday!)

Ok totally had this ready to go, but just saved, didn't schedule.. so here it is a day late.  Friday Funnies (On Saturday!)  Link up with the funny things your kids say & do throughout the week and share if some laughter.

Mine for this week.. 

One of my kids was sitting in the back of the room on our chair and I asked her whats wrong, she replies, "I can't feel anything!! Except my head.." Ahh yes of course, everything except your head.  I guess I should be glad she realized that she must be able to feel her head if she can talk so to make it {more} believable, she had to add that in there.  Funnier thing is she knew I wouldn't fall for it.  I replied with, "Oh man, that's rough.. guess you won't be able to join our math activity using Cheese-its!"

And of course, 5 minutes later, (Yes, she held out that long) she was completely fine and could feel again! Yay.

What are your funnies from the week?

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