Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why can't be just call it "borrow"?

OK, OK I get it, when you borrow something, you usually give it back..and technically the one that is doing the "borrowing" is not giving anything back.. but do we really have to consider technicalities here??  I mean, that's how I learned it and I'm a math whiz.. so obviously it didn't damage me..

These new methods, while I think they are great- they also drive me crazy.  I constantly have parents complaining that they can't help their kid with HW because "That's now how Ms. G taught us." Do you have the problem too?  Talk about h.e.a.d.a.c.h.e!!  Well- we recently started subtracting with UNGROUPING.. and I had one of those parents come to me, so I made these to send to her over e-mail.. literally in like 5 minutes so they are not super cute... But they get the point across, I think.  

Please feel free to use these as you wish.  I sent them through an e-mail attachment to all my kiddos parents and hopefully they will help.

How do you ensure the parents aren't frustrated with their child's hw because we learned how to to very differently and all of a sudden that's the wrong way?

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